AI Bulls in Use

After accumulating straws over the last couple of years from Bulls we fancied giving a go, we decided now was as good a time as any to get serving some cows with them this breeding season! We had some Quaker Hill Dead Centre, American bred and owned by Cogent, this sounds like our sort of production animal with Traits in the top 5% on American EPD’s and top 1% on Beef Value. The most important factor for us is that it is a true Calving Ease Sire, we are determined to maintain the ability of our Herd to Calve down with minimum interference, and so are our customers!

Also in use is Blelack Duke J262, bred by Neil Massie using an American Sire who together with the Dam boasts a shorter gestation length and fantastic growth ability, teamed with good calving ease from Duke on our Cows, we are looking forward to seeing some good shapely Bulls from this mating.

Thirdly, we have used Ardrossan Admiral A2. An outcross bull widely used in Australia on commercial pedigrees, bringing easy calving and brilliant growth, plenty of milk in daughters and a strong loin. We have used him in years previous to this and have been pleased with the quality of stock

Cows will be calving down from March, with another batch being served to calve down in September