Past & Present Stock Bulls

Past & Present Stock Bulls

Past & Present Stock Bulls

Yearsley Royal Lupo R209

Yearsley Royal Lupo R209 - View Pedigree

Sire: Rawburn Transformer

Top 5% in several traits, importantly Calving Ease Direct and Retail Beef Yield %. Lupo came 3rd in his class at the Great Yorkhire Show 2016 and has since won the Best Stockbull in PENWAC Herd Competition under our ownership. He is a Rawburn Transfomer son out of the Yearsley Royal Lady M140 the Daughter of Wall Royal Lady H663 who made 11,000gns at the Wall herd dispersal sale.

Liley Buster L014

Liley Buster L014 - View Pedigree

Sire: SAV Net Worth 4200

A true outcross Pedigree away from UK genetics, one of only two animals bred this way in the country, the other being his full brother. He is deep bodied and powerful, which suits our herds focus on forage efficiency due to capacity. With exceptional 200 and 400 day weights which are in the Top 1% of the breed, and Top 5% for Calving Ease Daughters and many other traits in the Top 10%, his calves are fast growing and thick bodied.

Pilsbury Equator N193

Pilsbury Equator N193 - View Pedigree

Sire: Ardrossan Admiral A2

Description: A home bred son of the widely used Ardrossan Admiral. With Top 5% Eye Muscle Area we have been very pleased with the resulting progeny and are retaining one of his sons in the herd for future use, reinforcing just how impressed we are with his breeding within the Herd.

The Moss Pasture Lad

The Moss Pasture Lad - View Pedigree

Our first crop of calves is due by this bull in March 2013. We felt he is a very complete package as a bull in terms of breed character, being moderately sized and easy fleshing ability along with impressive growth and calving ease EBVS. Having served nearly 40 cows in his first year, we look forward to showing you his first calves. His pedigree goes back to AUCHINCRIEVE LORD INFERNO B291 #UK522860 100291


Aynho Dark Prince

Aynho Dark Prince - View Pedigree

From the notable Aynho herd, Prince was chosen as he offered a proven easy calving line for use on our heifers which calve down at 24 months. His sire is the successful AYNHO PRINCE KINCAID F341 #UK201524 400341

– AYNHO PRINCE KINCAID F341 #UK201524 400341

Curzon Ebriar

Curzon Ebriar - View Pedigree

A more modern type of bull used on Barndale’s daughters. He was chosen for his length, muscling and growth EBVs. These characteristics allowed us to grow the frame of our cattle slightly. His breeding goes back to one of the most widely used bull of modern times, RAWBURN TRANSFORMER #EJR.W52.22


Barndale Matthew

Barndale Matthew - View Pedigree

Our original stock bull used on the foundation females with many of his daughters still in the herd. His pedigree goes back to notable sires such as CASTLE OF MEY EURYTHMIC #HM.P1.16 and TLA NORTHERN SAMURAI (IMP) #627274(CA)14 . He showed tremendous breed character, temperament and shape.



Blelack Duke J262

Blelack Duke J262 - View Pedigree

Ardrossan Admiral A2

Ardrossan Admiral A2 - View Pedigree

Quakerhill Dead Center

Quakerhill Dead Center - View Pedigree